Does New York Protect Construction Workers?

NY Labour Law

Construction is a very dangerous industry in New York. Fortunately, there are some labour laws in place that protect builders and construction workers who are involved in the repair, demolition, alteration, and preparation of commercial buildings in the city. Furthermore, the law is on the side of workers who have been injured while working.

Some of the laws put in place to protect construction workers include;

NY Labour Law 200

This is also referred to as Common Law Negligence and requires all contractors, company owners and other parties to provide a safe working environment for builders and construction workers.

Furthermore, the law requires contractors, construction company owners, and other parties to provide protection for workers who operate machinery, equipment, and devices. In addition, they should also provide safety guardrails and adequate lighting to reduce the risks of falls.

NY Labour Law 240

Also referred to as scaffold law, this law protects construction workers who have a high risk of sustaining gravity-related injuries after falling while working on commercial buildings. For instance, it protects workers who are using scaffolds, ladders and other supporting devices that elevate them from the ground.

Furthermore, it covers construction, repair work and demolition work on buildings such as new building construction, cleaning, erection of building materials and painting.

Under labour law 240, if a worker has been involved in a scaffold accident in New York City, the construction companies and contractors can be held liable for the injuries the worker sustained. It also prevents the injured worker from being held liable or accountable for how they may have contributed to the incident.

NY Labour Law 241

This law focuses on safety, excavation, and demolition equipment. Law 241 requires contractors and employers to provide safe and reasonable safety precautions for workers on building sites. It covers workers who have sustained injuries while doing other types of activities such as excavation and demolition.

Under this law, the managers, construction site owners and other responsible parties must arrange equipment to ensure both workers and visitors are completely safe in their working environment.

NY labour law 202

This law protects the public and people who are cleaning windows and the exterior of buildings. According to the law, the work cannot continue until the property owner provides safety precautions, devices and means for completing the work to prevent accidents as well as protect pedestrians below. In turn, the employees must agree to use the means provided when cleaning the windows.

If an employee sustains injuries when their harness fails or when they are struck by falling objects from the building, they can file a lawsuit against the responsible party for failing to provide a safe working environment at the location.


If you are a construction worker who has been injured during your line of duty, you should contact an attorney to explore your legal options. There are laws to protect you and if you want to pursue compensation for your injuries, you will stand a better chance of winning if you have an experienced professional by your side.