Help! Can I Find A Debt Collection Harassment Lawyer?

Harassment Lawyer

Is a creditor harassing you, causing you sleepless nights and defaming you for failure to pay your debts?  Is the debt collector threatening you with a lawsuit or making attempts to garnish your wages for failure to pay? Economic times are at their worst, and many people cannot settle their debts.

On the other hand, debt collectors can be ruthless and unkind to people owing them money. You can reach out for help from a debt collection harassment attorney Edina, Minnesota.

Legal Terminologies used in debt collection

  • Consumer- a consumer refers to anyone who owes a debt to an entity. It also refers to individuals alleged to owe a debt even if they do not recognize the debt.
  • A debt collector– a debt collector refers to anyone or an institution that collects defaulted debts owed to the creditor. A debt collector can also refer to a debt-collecting attorney.
  • Covered debt– a covered debt refers to any alleged debt for personal, family household or purposes. However, it does not cover business debts.

Who does a debt collection harassment attorney represent?

The attorney represents consumers from threats and harassment from creditors and debt collectors. Debt collection harassment attorneys represent common consumers or individuals unable to pay debts owed.

What sort of debts should one have to get legal representation?

You can enjoy protection from debt collection harassment attorneys if you have a car loan, home loan or college loan.

How does debt collection work?

Debt collection and recovery begins when a debt collector contacts an individual by phone or email. The call states that you owe a debt and that your creditor hires them to collect it.  Often, the debtor or consumer does not recognize the hired debt collector, although you understand the underlying debt.

 Some debt collectors call or email the consumer. Therefore, the consumer does not pay for the calls or emails unless the collector sends a hardcopy letter. On receiving a letter, the consumer can dispute the debt owed or seek clarification of the debt details within 30 days.

Other debt collectors can file a lawsuit to obtain a court order compelling you to pay the debt. You can hire a debt collection harassment attorney to represent you.

A debt collector can prevail against you in court.  The court can garnish your salary or seize valuable assets to pay off the debt owed. However, hiring a competent debt collection harassment attorney helps you counter the accusation in court. The attorney can negotiate for more time on behalf of the client.

 The attorney acts on your behalf depending on your debt amount, and the type of debt, such as a student loan, mortgage or car loan. In any of these types of loans, the attorney can plead for additional protection against harassment.

Final thoughts

A consumer can reach out for help from a debt collection harassment attorney. He shields you from ruthless debt collectors and allows you time to put your finances in order before furnishing your debt. They can also represent you in a court of law if the debt collector files a civil lawsuit against you.