How Can A Divorce Lawyer In Florida Help With Divorce Settlements?

Divorce Lawyer

No one ever gets married expecting it to end in divorce, but unfortunately, that sometimes happens due to irreconcilable differences among other reasons. Since it is a financially, emotionally, and physically draining time, you may need to reach out to an attorney who can make the process easier for you. If you reside in the Florida area and you’re dissolving your marriage, a divorce lawyer in Stuart, Florida can help you in the following ways:

Accounting for all your marital wealth

You and your ex-spouse will need to disclose all your marital assets so that they can be properly distributed. This is important because, in some marriages, one spouse may have handled all the money. In this case, an attorney can help you locate all your marital liabilities and assets and collect records so that the settlement amount properly addresses all the possessions.

Explaining the division of property

An attorney will explain to you how the property will be treated when the marriage is dissolved because each spouse may have separate property which they brought into the marriage. Moreover, they may have accumulated their wealth separately as per a postnuptial or a prenuptial agreement. A qualified legal expert will explain to you whether the state you’re in is an equitable distribution or a community property state, which influences the distribution of marital wealth.

Determining spousal support

Your legal expert will assess whether you are entitled to spousal support or may be required to pay it. Spousal support may be ordered if you and your spouse have different incomes or if one of you sacrificed your career to support the other. In addition, one spouse may be required to pay their ex-partner a portion of the business interest that they run.

Preparation with divorce papers

The legal expert will assist you to prepare the formal papers and submit them to the court for approval. Alternatively, they can help you to respond to your spouse’s petition for dissolution of marriage.

Negotiating settlements

If you want your fair settlement from the dissolution of marriage, you should work with an attorney who can help you negotiate the settlement regarding the marital estate.

Helping with custody

If you’re dissolving your marriage and you have children, you will need to develop a parenting plan that will work for you, your ex-spouse, and the children as well. A legal expert can help you come up with a custody arrangement that is beneficial for the child and also ensure that the child support payments you will receive or give are fair. Click here to read in-depth articles about hiring a professional lawyer for your divorce settlements.

Coming up with a debt repayment plan

In some cases, handling the marital debt is more difficult than sharing the marital assets. In some situations, both spouses may be responsible for settling the joint debt. However, if your spouse is solely responsible for the debt, you will need an attorney to help you protect yourself from that debt.


If you’re permanently separating from your spouse, you should hire an experienced attorney to assist you in negotiating settlements, preparing the official papers, explaining the division of your marital assets, and determining spousal support among others.