Most Prevalent Wrongful Death Claims

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The wrongful death of a human being is the responsibility of the negligent person who injured the victim because they were not careful enough. Moreover, wrongful deaths belong to the category which differentiates murders or homicide from honest accidents that lead to mild or severe injuries but are not life-threatening. Most wrongful death cases are complex, and it is difficult to determine the persis accountable for the death. 

The essential part of a wrongful death case is to prove that the defendant was responsible for taking care of the plaintiff and failing to do the job. To make sure you win the case, you will need a personal injury lawyer in Toledo to guide you through the lawsuit. 

Most prevalent wrongful death claims

  • Car accidents 

The maximum number of deaths reported under wrongful death claims resulting from car accidents. Several negligent, reckless, or distracted drivers on the street risk their lives and the others surrounding them while driving; several times, a drunk or distracted driver crashed into a bicycle rider, pedestrian, or another driver, leading to life-threatening situations. 

Some victims are fortunate enough to make it even after procuring severe injuries; however, most of them die or else go into a coma. Some common reasons for a car accident are speeding,  road defects, distracted driving, reckless driving, mechanical defects in the car, or driving while intoxicated. 

  • Truck accident 

The accident is likely to be brutal when a truck hits a smaller vehicle. Most truck accident cases result into the deaths of people traveling the car or motorcycle. Due to the heavyweight and gigantic size of the truck, smaller vehicles are often hit with great force, even if the car is not speeding. 

There are several reasons behind a truck accident. However, the most common cases come to hear because of the driver’s failure not to give proper signals or because the driver was too tired and distracted while driving. Moreover, there are cases where the truck driver was practicing aggressive driving, driving in critical situations, loading overweight in the truck, mechanical errors due to the truck company’s carelessness, etc. 

  • Medical malpractice 

While most doctors and nurses are good at their jobs, there are situations where they can go wrong or make a mistake. However, medical errors are inexcusable as they are a matter of life and death. Even though most doctors take this saying seriously, some can be negligent towards their patients, resulting in wrongful death. 

For example, a doctor might prescribe the wrong medication to the patient or conduct an incorrect diagnosis which can lead to severe medical complications in the future.