No More Nonsense! Women in Karnataka Seek Divorce Increasingly!


These days, people live in small family set-ups, where, often both the spouses are worried and stressed. Their ways of life involve high pressure and stress from regular day to day existence. Divorce or separation is the resultant factor of social change, not the reason for it. Now and again counseling and therapy can help, yet in case the marriage has hopelessly separated and is at the final point; at that point, there is no point in demanding the couple to stay together. The initial three years of marriage are essential, and this is where everything builds or breaks. It is also figured that the couple must give themselves enough time before they choose they need to divorce or not. In any case, if there is physical violence or abuse in that marriage, then there is no point in staying together and having a divorce is a better option.

Karnataka is a state that is one of the most famous for cities like Mysore and Bengaluru. People from all over the world come and stay at these places and this, as a result, bring up social heterogeneity. People from different backgrounds and people from different caste, religion, nationality get to know each other. As a result, there are a lot of marriages without a lot in common between couples. There are a lot of couples in the state of Karnataka who has not taken their time in dating and getting to know each other before they marry each other. This at times ends up in bad marriages and then leads to divorce. This is one of the primary reasons why divorce rates in Karnataka are high. In case you need to file a divorce and you are unsure about the legal aspects then it is best for you to hire the divorce lawyers in Bengaluru. They will be able to help you with the legal issues of the divorce and also enable you to start a new life.

Women are rising to empowerment in the late decades, and this has made them aware of their rights, and they will not have to stick to the age-old traditions and be submissive. There is no more tolerating of broken marriages and torment in married life for women. Karnataka women are seeking divorce and that too at a high rate. There are many reasons for this factor. Here are some of the reasons for the rates of divorce in the state of Karnataka.

1) Hurried Marriages: In the popular cities of Karnataka people are coming over from all over the world, and people often fall in love and marry quick. They don’t think of the consequences and future.

2) Women Empowerment:Women empowerment is a topic of raising awareness in the present times. There are a lot of women in Karnataka who want to be done with marriages that are at the final point of ending.

3) Cultural Mixture in Karnataka: The cultural mixture in the popular Karnataka cities raise in inter-cultural marriages. This may be a positive thing but without having the ability to adjust and manage it can instead lead to failure in the marriages.

4) Physical Abuse and Violence in Marriages: There have been a lot of cases in which women have been a victim of domestic abuse and violence. In such marriages, the best thing to do for them is to file for a divorce.

5) Work Pressure and Stress in the IT Capital:There is a lot of work pressure in the IT capital of India, Bengaluru. People are often stressed out about their work, and this leads to problems in the marriage and eventually divorce.

These are the primary reasons as to why there are so many cases of divorce in the state of Karnataka. Women are also opting out of marriages in the present times, and this has a lot to do with the advent of time and empowerment awareness.