Reviewing & choosing between personal injury lawyers in Syracuse

personal injury lawyers

If another party’s negligence and disregard for safety has caused you harm and injuries, you may consider filing a personal injury claim. Every year, a considerable number of cases are reported in NY, and victims, if they can prove the case, can get compensation for medical bills, loss of wages, damage caused to property, and other kinds of suffering. If you believe that you have a case, your immediate instance should be about hiring a good lawyer. Firms like King Law in Syracuse, NY have been around for years, and their lawyers can help you understand the actual estimate and worth of your claim.

When to consider personal injury lawyers?

If you were involved in a car, bike, or truck accident, you have to contact a personal injury attorney. The expertise of attorneys also comes in handy for amusement park incidents, boating accidents, medical malpractice, and slip & fall cases. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is definitely your personal call, but there is a statute of limitations with regards to filing the claim. However, when it comes to informing the insurance company, it must be done within a reasonable time. In New York, you must file the lawsuit three years from the date of accident. 

Do you really need a lawyer?

While you can always handle your case on your own, things don’t move as smoothly as expected in personal injury cases. The insurance company of the party at fault will try and shift the blame, and worst still, they may deny or delay your claim on one pretext or the other. We also suggest that you hire a good personal injury lawyer to explore your options. They will also talk to the insurance company and do their own investigation to ensure that your rights are protected and there is enough evidence to prove the matter. 

Finding the right law firm

When it comes to personal injury cases, you need a legal team that has experience. They need to know what to expect from the case and must give you a fair idea of the entire situation. Sometimes, your lawyer will tell you to avoid the case in the first place, because the expected compensation may not be worth the fight. In other cases, they can take the matter to trial, because you deserve better. Find a law firm that is experienced, has great reviews, and more importantly, the time needed.