What Are the Leading Causes of Car Accidents in Nevada?

Car Accidents

Car accidents are by far among the leading cause of personal severe injuries in Nevada. There are several factors that contribute to this statistic. For one, the state has a high rate of car ownership, making the state’s roads some of the most heavily trafficked in the country.  Additionally, the state’s population is denser than average, so there are more opportunities for car accidents to occur. While there are many possible causes of car accidents, some factors contribute to a greater number of collisions than others. A Las Vegas car accident lawyer at Valiente Mott can investigate the specific circumstances of your accident and help you understand which factors may have played a role. However, in general, the following are some of the leading causes of car accidents in Nevada:

Distracted driving

This includes anything that diverts the driver’s focus from the wheel, such as talking on the phone, texting, or tuning the radio. The use of any other type of electronic device, including laptops, tablets, and two-way radios, is prohibited In Nevada. The only exception is if the driver is using a hands-free device. Even with this law in place, however, distracted driving is still a major issue.

Drunk driving

On average, reports indicate that at least 11,000 people meet their demise on U.S. roads each year as a direct result of drunk driving. In Nevada, the rate of drunk driving fatalities is well above the national average. Weekends in particular are often times when drunk driving accidents are most likely to occur, as people are more likely to be out socializing and may have had more to drink than they otherwise would during the week.

Road Rage and Reckless driving

Road rage has always been a problem, but in recent years it seems to have become more prevalent. This is likely due in part to the fact that people are generally more stressed out than they used to be. When drivers get angry, they may make irrational decisions, such as speeding, and can lead to serious accidents. Nevada in particular has a problem with speeding, as the state has multiple highly posted speed limits. Reckless driving can take many forms, but generally includes things like running red lights, making unsafe lane changes, or even just driving too fast for conditions.

Fatigue on the Road

Fatigue is a major problem for drivers in Nevada, as the state is home to a number of long stretches of road with few places to stop. This can be especially problematic for truckers who are transporting goods cross-country. When drivers are tired, they may have trouble keeping their eyes open, and may even fall asleep at the wheel. This can obviously lead to serious accidents.

Bad Weather

Failure to adjust to changing weather conditions is another leading cause of car accidents in Nevada. The state experiences a wide range of weather, from hot desert summers to cold mountain winters. For example, when it rains or snows, the roads may become slippery and more difficult to navigate. If drivers don’t slow down or adjust their driving to account for the changed conditions, accidents are more likely to occur.


Some factors contribute to a greater risk of collisions than others. In Nevada, the leading causes of car accidents include distracted driving, drunk driving, road rage and reckless driving, fatigue on the road, and failure to adjust to changing weather conditions. By being aware of these common causes, drivers can help to reduce their risk of being involved in a collision.