What can a property lawyer do for you?

property lawyer

Property lawyers or real estate lawyers assist their clients in legal property and real estate issues. Their contributions range from negotiating, litigating and foreclosing to deed transferring, restrictions zoning and coordinating with lenders or sellers.

You need a property lawyer while purchasing or selling a new house. This way you can be sure of signing a safe and genuine contract. In addition to this, a property lawyer is also necessary in solving real estate disputes.

If you are looking for Private property law services, this article will help you decide what to look for in a good real estate lawyer.

The Role of a Property Lawyer

Based on your situation, a real estate lawyer can help you in the following ways –

  • Documentation – A property lawyer is required to handle the paperwork related to real estate legalities. This includes both the preparation and the review of documents. Some essential documents needed for real estate purposes are transfer documents, title documents, mortgage documents and purchase agreements.
  • Transaction of Property – Whether you have to sell or buy a house or property, a property lawyer is necessary at the closing of a deal. When a deal is “closed”, the final amount of money is paid to the seller in exchange for the title rights of the property being bought. To ensure that the transaction is legally binding and beneficial to the client, a property lawyer is required.
  • Purchase of Property – During the purchase of a property, you need a property lawyer to ready documents, finish title searches, prepare the policies of title insurance and monitor the transfer of payment. This includes handling of the paperwork like the federal HUD-1 Form.
  • Solving Disputes – A legal dispute can arise from property issues such as contract discrepancies, problems with the lot lines and the chain of title. You need a lawyer to represent your case, if you wish to win the said dispute.
  • Courtroom Representation – If a conflict or dispute cannot be solved amicably, both defendant and prosecutor will end up in a courtroom before a judge. A property lawyer is extremely crucial for such a scenario if you intend to win the case.

Tips for Hiring a Good Property Lawyer

When looking for a property lawyer, you must make sure that they have the necessary educational qualifications. This means, your lawyer must have their Juris Doctor Degree from a school accredited to a notable law organisation like the ABA (American Bar Association).

Apart from this, a real estate lawyer must have the following skills –

Thorough Information on Property Laws

A good property lawyer must be well-versed with all the real estate laws, by-laws, regulations and rules. As the client you may not know much about your case except who your opponent is. It is your lawyer’s job to help you navigate through the complexities of your case with legal measures.

Drafting and Resolving Abilities

There is a lot of documentation and paperwork in law. Real estate law is no different. Your lawyer should know what document is required based on the purpose.

In case of a dispute or conflict, your lawyer must defend you. In addition, the lawyer needs to present your case in a compelling manner so that you win the case.