Who Can I Hold Liable for my Slip and Fall Accident?

Harrell Injury Law

The trip, slip, and fall accidents can take place anywhere. Moreover, although many of these accidents only cause minor injuries to the victims, sometimes they may cause severe, permanent, or life-changing effects on the victims. If you have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s wrongful actions, then you do not have to deal with the life-changing repercussions on your own. You should hire a slip and fall lawyer at Harrell Injury Law in New Jersey to help you figure out who the liable party is so you can sue them for causing the accident. You may be able to hold different parties liable for the incident depending on how your accident occurred. For instance, you can hold the following parties accountable for your accident.

Property owner

Property owners are legally obligated to keep their property safe for visitors. Therefore, if you sustained injuries on your neighbor’s property, then you can hold them accountable for your injuries. In such a case, your accident may be covered by the property owner’s insurance policy. It is negligent on the property owner’s part if they are not taking care of the area. If you get hurt due to their negligence, then you have a right to seek legal action. These are details that have to be kept track of and if they are not doing so then you can build a strong case in your favor.


If there was a dangerous condition in your friend’s home that harmed you, then you can seek compensation from your friend’s homeowner’s insurance. However, if your friend is a tenant and is renting the property, then you can file a claim against their landlord. This is because landlords are usually responsible for retaining liability insurance for those premises. If they are not keeping track of what is going on their property, then that is a gross oversight on the landlord’s part. You have a right to seek legal justice for getting injured in a situation that could have been avoided.


If you fell and sustained injuries on a public road, then you can hold a government entity or a municipality accountable for the accident. However, to receive any type of compensation, you must show that the road had an unsafe condition that caused your accident. It’s important to keep track of these details to build your case. In addition, you must prove that the municipality knew that the area was unreasonably dangerous. Once you have acquired all the evidence necessary to build your case, then you can reach out to a legal professional. They will also assess the situation and reach out to all the necessary parties.

Business establishment

People can, unfortunately, lose their balance and fall in businesses and stores that have wet floors, crumbled walkway rugs, slippery surfaces on the ground, or debris in aisles. If you were hurt by any of these dangerous conditions in a business establishment, then you need to prove that the business owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition. Additionally, you need to prove that the business owner did not do anything to make the area safe or warn visitors about the hazard, which led to your accident and subsequent injuries.

Property Manager

Sometimes the property owner is not the one in charge of a building. For instance, the landlord may hire a property manager to care for and maintain a rental property. In such a situation, if the property manager ignores a dangerous situation or fails to identify it, and the hazard causes your incident, then you can sue the property manager. The property manager’s job is to make sure that the property is safe and taken care of. If they fail to follow the key components of their workday, then they are liable for a lawsuit.


In conclusion, since there are many parties that you can hold liable for your accident, you need to retain a skilled attorney to help you identify the negligent party to hold liable. In addition, you will need to prove that the liable party was negligent to get compensation and an attorney can help you do that. Having as much information as you obtain can help you in the long run. You deserve financial compensation for sustaining injuries that could have been avoided. A legal professional will make sure that you are taken care of.