Are You a Sexual Assault Victim in Atlanta? How an Attorney Can Help.


Sexual assaults can happen to anyone at any time, and they’re always hard to deal with. Moreover, the perpetrators seem to far too often get away with the crime. The victims (either male or female) are sometimes inclined to hide the atrocity that happened against them. The nature of these crimes tends to give daylight freedom to their culprits. This leaves a permanent injury to a victim’s mental well-being. The knowledge that the predator is still out there hurting more people causes a sense of remorse in some victims. Once you have decided to bring the face of the offender to light, what you require next is a good lawyer. Help is available. You can retain a sexual assault attorney in Atlanta who is committed to bringing you out of this misery by representing you in court, and helping you obtain a full settlement or trial verdict if necessary.

Unlike other attorneys, Sexual assault attorneys perfectly know the secret nature of these cases. They are always cautious in keeping the identity of the victim confidential. The legal proceedings of sexual assault cases are not as complicated as other lawsuits. The judiciary is extra sensitive towards sexual assault victims.

Types of Lawsuits in Sexual Assault Cases

Sexual assault cases are categorized into two categories in the Atlanta jurisdiction – Civil and Criminal.

The criminal case requires strong standing evidence to prove the offender guilty. This can be a tedious task considering the difficulty in gathering the evidence. Although this stands true, criminal verdicts are the much-needed answers to the cruelty of the offenders.

On the other hand, civil cases can be much easier to follow up. The burden of proof is not as heavy as in criminal cases. Also, the victim’s chances of getting compensation from the offender are higher. Although the compensations cannot replace the loss of mental stature, they can help the victim to start life afresh and cover the losses for the lost income.

Handling Sexual Assault Victims

Sexual assault cases are to be handled with utmost intricacy and care. A sexual assault victim is invariably in agony. They tend to show indifference from their usual decorum and can behave abnormally. The attorney handling the case should consider all these factors while dealing with a victim. Nothing can replace the pain, but with proper care, the victims can be brought back to life.

The underline is, choosing an attorney for the case is a very crucial and life-changing decision. So, be wise and pick the right sexual assault lawyers in Atlanta to fight for you.