How Can I File A Personal Injury Claim If I’m Involved In A Guardrail Accident?

Personal Injury Claim

In busy roads, guardrail accidents are common. The accident occurs after a car collides with a guardrail. However, the cause of accidents could be driver’s error or other causes.

The guardrails are installed so they can protect drivers and other road users from serious consequences like falling off cliffs or bridges. Sometimes, these guardrails can cause serious accidents leading to injuries and death.

If you experience such an accident, you can file a personal injury law suit with help of an experienced New York guardrail accident attorney.

How to File a Personal Injury Claim After a Guardrail Accident

In some States, you can file a personal injury case after a guardrail accident against the responsible party. The parties responsible include the government agency that maintains the road, the company or manufacturer of the guardrail and the driver who caused the collision.

Therefore, you have to work with a personal injury lawyer with experience in handling guardrail accident cases. And for you to have a valid claim, a lawyer will help prove there were injuries caused due to wrongdoing or negligence of the other party. In other words, you have to prove that it does not meet the set safety standards or is not properly installed.

A personal injury lawyer will therefore gather evidence that will help him build a strong case. Once you are successful and win such a case, you will receive compensation to cater for your lost wages, medical expenses, pain, suffering or other damages.

Suppose the guardrail accident has resulted in the death of your family member or loved one. In such a scenario, the lawyer helps you to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

How Guardrail Accidents Occur

A guardrail accident will occur after your vehicle crashes into the rail. The accident will cause damage to the guardrail and vehicle.

In most cases, such an accident will occur due to speeding, driving under the influence, distraction while driving or driving error. Other causes can include poor road conditions such as debris or ice on the road. The poor conditions can cause you to lose control and crash the guardrail.

When a vehicle crashes into the guardrail at a high speed, it may not withstand the impact. So, it will cause severe damage to the car, which puts the driver and passengers at risk.

What to Do After a Guardrail Accident

After the accident, the first thing is seeking medical attention. You may have no visible injuries, but the doctor has to check you for internal injuries or underlying problems. Moreover, seeking medical attention helps to keep records as evidence in filing a legal case.

Once you have received medical treatment, it is time to contact your insurance company and report the case. This will help to start to claim process. It will also help you to stay away from liability claims from other parties involved.

After you have reported the accident to the insurance company, contact your personal injury attorney. The attorney is responsible for helping you navigate the legal process and advise on the compensation amount. Nonetheless, act quickly since there are limitations set for filing a personal injury claim.