Questions To Ask Potential Family Lawyers

Family Lawyers

Whether you want to initiate a divorce, need help settling an estate or you’re just seeking advice on a family matter that may require legal action, family lawyers are there to help you through what will invariably be a difficult time.

Unfortunately, not all family law firms are made equally. The specific knowledge, skills and experience you’ll require from your lawyer could be difficult to find, especially when some lawyers and firms have a track record of making big promises without delivering results.

This article willgo over some questions to ask a potential family lawyer so you can streamline the process of finding the right one for you.

Have You Dealt with Similar Disputes?

The first question you should ask prospective family lawyers is whether they’ve dealt with your type of dispute before. It’s important to follow up the initial question by asking if that dispute ended in a favourable outcome for the client. This is because finding a family lawyer who has dealt with a similar dispute to yours and has had at least some success in dealing with similar issues will give you the best chance of securing a similarly successful outcome for your dispute. Enlisting the services of a lawyer who has had no experience dealing with your type of dispute could simply be too much of a costly gamble.

What Are Your Tactics When Dealing with Disputes?

Asking family lawyers this question can be critical. This is because a family lawyer who is too aggressive or too underhanded in their tactics could result in a misrepresentation of your character and in turn, provoke a stronger response from the defending party. It’s important to find a family lawyer who has a compatible working style, attitude and values, as they will be best suited to secure the outcome you’re trying to achieve.

Envisioning the kind of outcome you want to achieve and then factoring in your prospective lawyer’s personality in achieving that outcome will go a long way to helping you determine if you’re making the right choice.

What Are Your Fees?

Understanding how fees are charged and also how much those fees will be themselves will be a big factor in your hiring decision. Some family lawyers and firms charge by the hour, while others may charge set fees per client and case. It’s important to know how fees are charged so you can organise your finances accordingly.

While it may be tempting to try to save money, it’s almost never a good idea to go for a budget or low-cost family lawyer or law firm. If you want your dispute to have a successful outcome, go with the lawyers that have the knowledge and expertise you need, even if they charge a little bit more than their competitors.

What is the Process & What Will Happen Next?

A great way to alleviate any anxiety you may have surrounding your meeting with your prospective family lawyer is to simply ask what the process will be and what will happen next during the process This is also a great way for you to gauge if your prospective family lawyer is compatible with your on a personal level, as they should be able to explain the process in simple terms you can understand.