What To Do If You Are Injured In An Uber?

Injured In An Uber

Ubers have become famous nowadays because of their cheaper rates and convenience. Most people prefer to travel more by Uber nowadays because of its cheaper rates. Accidents are common in Ubers as they are in any other human-driven vehicle. If you have been in an accident while riding on an Uber, stay calm and handle the situation carefully. Although most of the legal processes in an Uber accident are the same as in personal vehicle accidents, there are some differences. If you are injured in an Uber in Jersey City, follow these steps.

Ensure Everyone’s Safety

After an accident, the first thing you should do is check if everyone is safe. Check if you have encountered any injury. Not only yourself, but you must also check if everyone else in the uber is safe. If there is an emergency health situation, call the ambulance. Help the driver to secure the accident site and deal with the whole situation with a calm mind.

Report the Incident

Never leave the accident site. Leaving the site without reporting the accident is a criminal offense. After you have ensured everyone’s safety, call the authorities to report the accident. If the accident is severe and the driver or your co-passenger needs emergency medical health, ensure that you report the accident and protect everyone.

Gather Evidence

After an accident, it might be important for you to prove your negligence or your Uber driver’s negligence to receive compensation from the insurance company. Many times, the reliable car flees from the accident site. So it is important to gather maximum evidence. Photos of the site, videos from nearby CCTVs if possible, or eyewitnesses.

See the Uber Policy

If you were injured, you would be expecting medication expenses. Never forget to check the Uber policy to understand how you can get compensation for your medical expenses. If the Uber driver was at-fault, you must contact Uber and report the accident. Most Uber cars are insured, and you are expected to receive compensation to cover your expenses. If not, it is better to hire an attorney to deal with the case.


Uber accident lawyers help you deal with financial and legal issues related to an uber accident. There can be cases where you are not given compensation for your damages by your insurance company or the Uber driver’s insurance company. An attorney will talk with the insurance company and help you to receive maximum benefit.