Why You Need a Competent Lawyer When Charged with Domestic Violence

Competent Lawyer

Domestic violence is a serious offense punishable by a jail term, fines, or both. The punishment will depend on the offense and the severity of the charges. If the offense involves sexual and physical abuse and can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, one risks a longer jail term and heavier fines. So if you are charged with domestic violence offense by your partner, you should get ready to defend yourself in court. You can defend yourself, but hiring a lawyer from the best domestic violence defense law firm can be helpful. Here is why you need a defense lawyer.

The Lawyer Will Investigate

A competent lawyer will check the charge sheet and start their own investigations. The lawyer will talk to you first to understand the real story and get the facts of the case. So you should be honest with your lawyer from the start. If you are not honest, the lawyer may not put a strong defense in court. The attorney will compare your side of the story with the charge sheet or notification from the court.

The lawyer will then check the evidence filed in court. They should take the extra step to find out if the evidence is fabricated or true. A good lawyer will identify weaknesses in the case and will use them against the petitioner. This will increase your chances of winning the case or reducing the punishment.

The Lawyer Can Negotiate with the Victim (Petitioner)

When the lawyer checks the case and evidence on the table, they will know whether the petitioner has a strong case or not. They may talk with the victim’s lawyer to try and settle the matter out of court. This is a good option, especially if there are kids involved. They will convince the other party with facts and explain the possible outcomes of the case. The case will be resolved out of court if the other party agrees. That will help save court fees and related expenses.

The Lawyer Will Advise and Guide You

When you hire an experienced attorney from a reputable domestic violence defense law firm, you will have a smooth process. The lawyer will guide you through the legal process to prevent you from making mistakes that can ruin the case. They know that victims will always try to provoke you so that you can act in a violent matter. That can help them have more evidence on the case. The lawyer will also guide you on how to answer questions and act while in court. All that will prevent you from falling into traps set by the other party and their legal team.

Will Represent You in Court 

A competent lawyer will represent you throughout the legal processes, including in court proceedings. You will pass your queries or make pleas through them, and they will receive the response on your behalf. But you will have to answer questions when the court has questions for you. But if you are unsure or don’t understand the question, the lawyer will be there to assist you. An experienced defense lawyer will increase your chances of winning a domestic violence case file against you. If you can win the case, a reliable defense attorney will help you get a ‘fair’ punishment.